The University of Advancing Technology Foundation is a philanthropic, 501(c)3 charitable organization based in Tempe, Arizona. Established in 2008, the Foundation awards grants in support of education and scholarships in advancing technology.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Foundation is to provide higher education opportunity and access to future technology leaders, digital citizens, thinkers and innovators.


Embodying, demonstrating and cultivating the stated ideology of The University of Advancing Technology Foundation.

Longevity - Be a healthy, growing, multi-generational organization to serve its constituents for the future.

Accessibility - Increase access to higher education in the fields advancing technology.

Opportunity - Provide educational opportunities for students to pursue degree programs that foster technology leaders, good digital citizens, and technology innovators into the work force.

Mentoring - Encourage graduates in the area of advancing technology to mentor and support the educational outcomes of future students.