Proud to partner with organizations who share our dedication to the education of students in advancing technology who innovate for our future, UAT offers multiple ways for individuals and organizations to support this mission.

UAT is part of a broad network of community partnerships. Company alliances strategically align with UAT's primary fields of study to help students gain valuable experience practicing in their field, and establishing those critical ties to the real world. These organizations often come knocking on UAT's door, looking for the university's high caliber of people and advancing technology education as valuable resources for their companies. UAT's partnerships include Cummings Engineering Consulting, Stach & Liu, Blizzard and Microchip, to name a few.

Opportunities to partner include funding scholarships, partnering in research, teaching with us, hiring interns, hiring students for regular jobs, and collaboration in workshops and partnered projects.

UAT's partnerships reflect UAT's signature synchronic learning model. Synchronic learning forms the framework for a vibrant, multi-faceted academic experience, which encourages students to explore new and traditional concepts, and to independently and collaboratively practice what they learn in real world applications. As a result, students become forward thinking innovators and capable problem solvers.

Join us in making a big impact in the areas that mean the most to your company and your industry. We are better together. For more information, contact UAT Foundation at (602) 333.9352 or