UAT's Foundation strives to locate and deliberately nurture those individuals whose talents will make the world stronger through the creation of technology, applied ethically to enhancing society. By supporting these individuals, UAT's Foundation provides greater opportunity to develop an ethical approach in technology education & training. UAT's Foundation provides multiple scholarships for exemplary students. Donate to each of the scholarships below, or disperse your contribution evenly throughout the Foundation.


Dr. Louis A. Schmitt, P.E., Durrant Capital Resources
Board Member, Technology and Engineering

Louis (Lou) A. Schmitt, P.E. is a dual Registered Professional Engineer with a wide range of experience in the planning, financing, engineering design, construction and operation of major private and public infrastructure projects and programs. Lou's impressive career includes serving as Associate County Manager-Operations/County Engineer for Maricopa County from 1991 through 1996. Before coming to Maricopa County, Lou served as Deputy Director for the Arizona Department of Transportation from 1975 through 1991.


Hon. Eino M. Jacobson, Judge, Arizona Court of Appeals (ret.)

A past Chairman of the Board at UAT, the Honorable Eino M. Jacobson is a native Arizonan. He graduated with a law degree from the University of Arizona in 1957 and practiced law in Prescott. In 1965, he was elected Yavapai County Attorney and was also appointed to the Arizona Court of Appeals, for which he served as Chief Judge before retiring in 1995. During his distinguished career, Judge Jacobson was a member of the American Arbitration Association Panel of Neutrals, engaged in commercial arbitration and mediation, and was awarded the American Law Institute American Judicature Award in 1976.


The Needy Innovator Scholarship provides $1,000 to students in support of those Student Innovation Projects demonstrating true innovation, creative solutions to a real-world problem or challenge, and the greatest potential to benefit the greater good.

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The University rewards students who demonstrate notable academic success prior to attending UAT:

Eligibility is determined based on specific academic criteria for each scholarship listed. Academic scholarships are automatically awarded to eligible students based on information supplied and verified by the student.

Academic Scholarship Terms and Conditions

The recipient must maintain at least a 3.0 CGPA at UAT, stay continuously enrolled at the university, uphold any and all stipulations of the UAT Code of Conduct, and act with ethics above reproach. Recipients must make satisfactory academic progress towards completion of UAT degree objectives. Progress will be monitored by UAT and the award may be revoked if the recipient is not meeting expectations and requirements outlined in the university catalog.

Academic Scholarship Renewal

Scholarship recipients who meet award maintenance requirements can receive the scholarship for up to eight academic semesters.

Academic Scholarship Deadlines

Academic scholarships have an associated deadline for the submission of documentation supporting the award of the scholarship. Students must submit official documentation by the 15th day of the month prior to their semester start in order to receive any Academic Scholarship.

Scholarship Qualifications

UAT students are accepted for admission based on a range of qualifications that express the student's vision for the college experience, the value of technology innovation in the world and their desire to attend a geek-centric university. UAT's comprehensive scholarship program is designed to reward new students who meet these standards and show successful academic performance.

All scholarship recipients must meet the full admission requirements and be enrolled for a program of study within University of Advancing Technology prior to the disbursement of scholarship funds. Scholarship awards and eligibility depend upon the particular scholarship the student is awarded. Living, transportation, books and supply expenses are the responsibility of the student. The award is applied to the overall tuition amount and is not a cash award. This award is not transferable to another university.

Announcement of scholarship status (i.e., award, denial or renewal) will be in the form of letters to the applicant's home address. Eligibility for each type of scholarship is outlined within the following information. Many UAT scholarships have associated deadlines for a) the submission of documentation supporting the award of the scholarship and b) enrollment following notification of a scholarship award.