The following tools are provided to help you determine the planned gift option right for you. Our planned gift advisors are always available to assist you in this process. Call (602) 383.8228 or email

UAT Foundation is dedicated to providing you the tools necessary to help you understand your giving options.

First, let's start with clarification on what charitable gift planning entails.

Donation Types

Outright gifts, deferred gifts and gifts in kind provide you with options that meet your needs.

Dispelling the myths associated with legacy giving

Myth: Making a legacy gift is like taking away my family's inheritance.
FACT: For the most part, legacy gifts to charities are only a percentage of the entire estate. There are usually plenty of funds or other assets given to heirs. On a philosophical note, a legacy gift to a charity could be seen as a part of the inheritance bequeathed to a philanthropic family.

MYTH: Planned gifts are only connected to wills - so if there is no will, there is no opportunity for a planned gift.
FACT: Legacy gifts can be a portion of retirement funds, life insurance and many other planned giving vehicles that are not necessarily a part of a person's will.

MYTH: I am not old enough
FACT: As an adult, you are never too young to start thinking about your estate planning. Usually, when there are children involved, the need to secure guardianship will lead to establishing that first will. Including UAT from the very beginning is a simple way to leave a lasting legacy without any effect on your financial wellbeing during your lifetime. In fact, there may be ways to make a gift from your current assets that makes it possible to take an immediate tax deduction while providing you a steady stream of income during your retirement years.