Who Should Give?

Touch lives while building your legacy

There are future students who yearn for the opportunity to turn their breakthrough thinking into tomorrow's innovations that serve the greater good. But sometimes these young, forward-thinking innovators, who are among the best and brightest minds in the world, lack the resources to break through the barriers separating them from a quality education that can grow their full potential just waiting to be tapped. These are deserving individuals with the heart, incredible talent and the passion to do well by doing good. They possess the ingredients necessary to lead our future with technology advancements that are industry leading and life enhancing.

Through your gift of support to students through the UAT Foundation, you open a gateway for these students. But that's just the beginning, because your legacy of giving not only benefits students' education but soars far beyond. Your gift helps to break down the barriers and empower these great minds to go the distance, advancing global society for a lifetime of innovation that improves the quality of life for us today and for future generations.

The capabilities of these students, given the opportunities, are nothing short of amazing. Nearly one in six of our Network Security graduates went to work for a government agency in 2010. Others innovate new advancements in digital design and film in the entertainment industry in blockbuster films like Avatar and at companies like Disney and Intel, and design new robotics that help U.S. war veterans replace lost limbs with prosthetics that work with the power of the mind. That's just the tip of the technology iceberg.

Graduates traditionally complete a Student Innovation Project as part of their graduation requirement and some actually will file for U.S. patents, including those completing UAT's Bachelor of Science in Digital Maker and Fabrication degree.

The time is now to build a brighter future for students today. Because our world does not wait and the course that's charted depends on these students. Society's Maker Revolution already is creating an entire shift in the way we innovate and will change the way products and services are produced, distributed and used in everyday life.

UAT has earned a reputation for excellence in advancing technology education. UAT offered the first regionally accredited Game Design and Game Programming degrees that have proven over the last 20 years to be one of the largest growth areas in technology today. UAT also introduced to education one of the first regionally accredited Network Security and Computer Forensics programs, now considered elite and among the most recognized nationwide, with their on campus lab being originally funded by a grant from the United States Department of Defense (DoD). UAT's product design program is the first in Arizona to launch a digital maker fabrication lab on campus, modeled from the design of MIT's first Fab Lab community.

By making a gift, you help the university support students, attract top faculty members, maintain leading-edge academic programs, and enable students with leading edge technology. Now more than ever, your gift is important to make a great experience for all UAT students.